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Investing The Model A Way

Old Ford Model A’s are not fast.  Well, stock one’s are not fast, but they got the job done. Henry Ford had a great idea when he put Fords on the road. The Model T was first, and it’s solid … Continue reading

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Debitize Your Credit Card to Keep Villainous Interest Out of Your Account

This post was originally published on my original site. “Shin,” of Money is not Taboo Credit cards. Those embossed pieces of plastic are thought of as tools of the devil, or as tools of the money savvy. For a number … Continue reading

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Christmas Crunch: My Credit Card to the Rescue (Not How You Might Think)

It’s mid-September (2016) and we’re about 100 days away from Christmas. So? Well, Christmas is a big time for Americans, with $830 expected to be spent in 2015 on Christmas gifts, according to a Gallup article from Nov. 2015.  I … Continue reading

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Why I’ve Gotten SO Much More From My Earbuds By Turning Off Music: Podcasts Rock!

I used to listen to music ALL the time.  Well, almost all the time.  If I could have the radio, stereo, or whatever on, I would, pumping out tunes. A while back I discovered the Dave Ramsey show while commuting … Continue reading

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