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Have a Low Income? You Can Still Get Out of Debt.

Here’s another great post by Rachel Foxwell, the newest writer for Money is not Taboo. You may already know of Rachel from her own blog, The Latte Budget, as well as her writing for David Carlson’s Young Adult Money. If … Continue reading

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Special K: Dow Hits 20K for the First Time in History

“Shin,” of Money is not Taboo Y’all remember Special K? You know, that cereal that’s supposed to shrink your waist? Yeah, for me it wasn’t that special. Didn’t like the flavor and it did nothing for my belly. On the … Continue reading

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14%+ Sales Tax? I Don’t Think So! I Saved Almost $50 With a Phone Call

“Shin,” of Money is not Taboo So. I had to put the tractor in the shop to get the hydraulics fixed. I knew it was going to cost a bit of coin, but I was sure surprised when I looked … Continue reading

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Stuff Hit the Fan, Again

This post was originally published in September, on my old blog.  Shin ************************************************************************************ So. Toadster Wednesday, the 7th, I was heading to DFW with the Toadster ( ’31 Model A Roadster Pick Up) on the trailer, heading up for a show … Continue reading

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Rockstar Community Fund, an Awesome Project!

“Shin,” of Money is not Taboo There’s a bunch of us blogging about money. How to save it. How to invest it. Reducing debt. Budgeting. Responsibly using credit cards. Hacking credit cards. On and on. Now, with J. Money, Nate … Continue reading

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