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4 Budgeting Tools You Need to Check Out

Do you have a budget? If not, you should get on it ASAP. I refused to budget for the longest time until my husband and I got engaged and I started with a wedding budget. This was my gateway to … Continue reading

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The Weekly Fav 5: Five More Great Posts for You to Check Out

Whoot, Whoot, Whoot! TGIF! For some folks that means the weekend is here and the work week is winding down, for others, not so much as they work weekends. For retired folks, it’s another day in the week. No matter … Continue reading

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200,000+ Miles: Saving Money by Not Replacing Our Vehicles

We haven’t had a car payment since 2011, and we don’t miss it. We financed my wife’s 2004 Saturn Wagon, and it’s the last new car we’ll ever buy and the last that we’ll ever finance. Selena’s car, our main … Continue reading

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5 for Friday: Five More Great Posts for You to Check out

Yep, it’s Friday again (Okay Thursday Evening), and here’s the latest 5 for Friday. Five great posts for you to check out. I received a comment on the last 5 I shared, asking why I chose those 5 and if … Continue reading

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The Foundations of Financial Literacy #1: Increased Income Provides Greater Financial Opportunities

Let’s face it, earning income is a given unless one has somehow come upon a source of cash so that one doesn’t need to earn money. Who knows, winning the lottery, receiving a large inheritance, or marrying someone who has … Continue reading

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