The Weekly Fav 5: Five More Great Financial Posts for You to Check Out


Hey, Money Buddie$!

Yep, another week has gone by. Way too quickly if you ask me. At 57, I’d really like them not to pass so fast.

Oh, well. My wife still allows me to wake up every morning. (No pillow over the face during the middle of the night.)

So, once again, I’ve been surfing the inter-web for great info. Yeah, it’s really for me, but I’m going to share it because I’m not stingy.

Well, I am when it comes to my money.

So, anywho . . . here are 5 more great posts that I highly recommend.


The Concept of Wealth– (Stay Healthy Get Wealthy)

So, what’s your concept of wealth? This is an interesting post, as it points out a number of different types of wealth, which I’d never thought of. My idea of wealthy? Have enough money to pay all the bills with extra to invest and have fun with.


Stupid Mistakes FundCreate a Stupid Mistakes Fund for Your Stupid Mistakes (Financial Panther)

Oh, does this one hit home. Have you ever heard David Ramsey speak of the “Stupid Tax?” I have, and I’m still paying some. Wish I’d known about the Stupid Mistakes Fund years ago. It sure would have helped. Kind of a different “Emergency Fund.”


The $20.00 Emergency Fund (Money After Graduation, via Rockstar Finance)

OMG! (Yeah, I know, Cliche) This is a short and sweet article that I really wish I’d seen YEARS ago. You’ll have to read the article to see how $20 is an emergency fund. It’s an awesome idea, so check it out!


7 Ways to Pay Cash for Your Next Car (Life and My Finances)

Derek has some great advice here, and this is the only way I’ll buy another vehicle. We drive ours into the ground before we replace them, but haven’t bought from an individual in a while. Definitely cheaper than from a dealer.

We’ll never buy from a dealer again, that’s for sure.

If you might be replacing your car in the future, check this out.


Save Money on Your Taxes (Debt Discipline)

Taxes. SUCH a lovely word. 😀 I want to give as little money to Uncle Sam as possible, as most is usually wasted on paying elected officials’ salaries. If you want to lower your taxes, check out this awesome article.


And. . . that’s a wrap! Another 5 great posts to check out. Hope you find them interesting and useful. Let me know either way.

If you read something great, send it my way, so I can check it out and share it.

Until next time, Peace!  Shin


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Keith, aka Shin, is a close to 60 former teacher and counselor who's blundered through the world of personal finance, learning the basics later in life than he likes. It's his mission to share as much about personal finance as possible, helping others get a handle on it, much earlier than he did.
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