Mon(ey)day Musings: If You’re Not Getting Enough Hours and Money, Why Not Find a Better Job?

I was scanning through Facebook this morning and a Facebook Aquaintence’s post came up.

Now, I don’t read every post, but rather skim the first few words to see if they are interesting enough to read.

This one was.

“Y’all tell me if this is k..! The Dm here over cuero pizza hut is cutting the employees hour’s bc this store’s not making enough $$ bc the buffet is broke down and they don’t wanna fix it . Why should we have to lose hours which equals our lively Hood?”

I had to read it twice to make sure I really understood what she was saying.

I’ve never met the lady personally, as she is the friend of a Facebook friend, but I’m always open to widing my circle so that I might share some good stuff that will help others get ahead.

From what I know, she is a single mom and her job is at Pizza Hut and she’s not getting enough hours, thus not making enough money, so she tosses it out on Facebook.

Now, Cuero is not a large town, but there are other businesses in town and within driving distance. Pizza Hut is not the only employer.

In fact, we now have a very nice new HEB, Tractor Supply, Walmart, other restaurants, and numerous other businesses.

Pizza Hut is not the only place that highers people.

The first response to her post was, “That’s definitely not fair to the employees but I guess that’s just how those things go some time. Hope things get better for ya there girl!”

I responded with, “Check into, and other sources, and find something better. When a door closes, another one opens.” Yep, I included the link to

Other responses included: “Girl go to Bush’s chicken their hiring.”  and “Subway shld be hiring too we need someone.”

Please note, that I copied and pasted each comment right off of Facebook, so the errors are not of my doing.

The young lady has yet to reply to any of the responses, so I don’t know how she took to any of them.

It was interesting to see the level of support given. One comment was about the unfairness of the situation, two were directing her to other Fast Food franchises, and mine was suggesting that she look for a better job.

Not to change the subject, but early in the morning my wife and I were on our daily 2-mile walk, when we came upon a local rancher who was walking his soon to be fence line.

This gentleman bought 66 acres that butts up against our place with the intention to run cattle. Shortly after his buying the land he called me wanting me to split the cost of putting up a new fence between our properties.

My wife and I don’t have cattle. Our 408 acres is unofficially designated The SnK Wildlife Reserve, were we practice wildlife conservation, managing for Texas Natives and Migratory Species.

I told the Cattle Guy that we didn’t need a fence, as we only had two horses and the wildlife that runs free. He said that with the horses we needed a new fence. I told him that the horses were not interested in pushing through the rickety old fence as they have plenty of grass.

So, this guy has had this land for almost a year now, still doesn’t have it fenced and therefore no cattle on it. It’s not making him any money.

Back to the morning walk. My wife comments, “He must be one of those folks with more money than sense.” I chuckled, and then a thought popped into my mind, which I voiced. “You know, you’re probably right, and there’s thousands of folks out there that don’t have both enough money and sense. They spend what little they have on stuff that will never get them ahead.”

When we first got married, I was a college student working on my teaching degree. All my life I knew that I was going to have a degree to get a job that would pay more than minimum or slightly higher wage.

I also learned in high school that I was not going to have a career pouring concrete, or work in a factory. I did both during a couple of summers and when I suffered concrete burn and heat exhaustion.  I knew that I was going to work in a climate controlled enviornment.

Well, it almost completely happened. I was a shop teacher and one of my shops did not have AC. Luckily, my office and classroom did, so I could always escape to cooler air.

Any way, I’ve had good paying jobs over the years and we’ve only had to get by in our first few years of marriage.

It amazes me how people are willing to settle for not enough, or just enough.

“Y’all tell me if this is k..!”

Her opening line indicated that she wanted her friends to validate her frustration and feel bad for her. She was not asking for help or guidance.

There was no way that I was going to chime in with the “You Poor Thing” comments, or tell her to get the same level job.

Yeah, I’ve been told that I’m a little harsh at time, but I was never the “Pamsy Wamsy” counselor that said things just to make students happy and get them out of the office. Nope, I’ve always told it as I see it.

You don’t like your situation? CHANGE IT!

If you have more Month than Money, you need to fix it. Get a better job, or find a Side Hustle. There’s no other solution.

Your employer doesn’t owe you anything other than a safe working environment and the minimum wage that the government requires. That’s it. Hours are up to them. Your work schedule is up to them.

Don’t like your job, hours, or wages? Go get a better one.

Sorry this wasn’t a helpful, chock-full of resources posts, but it’s one that came to mind and I decided to write about it.

The neat thing about blogging? Bloggers get to write what they want to.

Well, I’m getting things back in order and plan to get back to writing more productive posts and ramp Money is not Taboo to a higher level financial resource website.

I’m scheduled to attend FinCon later this month and I am JAZZED to know that I have the chance to meet J. Money of Budgets are Sexy and Financial Rockstar, as well as Melanie Lockert of Dear Debt, and numerous other folks who are spreading the word of Financial Literacy.

Yeah, it’s okay to talk about it, because Money is not Taboo.

Until next time, Peace! Shin




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