Mundane Monday, Actually a Different Monday

The family at Mom and Dad (Donna and Buford) Bryant’s 60th anniversary. They were married 62 years, right before Buford passed. Donna passed just a bit over a year after Buford.

Nothing really earth shattering to report today. Nothing useful financially, either.

Just me typing away, as we wind down a trip up to the kids’ and for my wife to deal with her Mom’s estate.

It’s been bitter sweet.

We got to see our kids and my Wife’s Sister and her Husband.

We also got to move stuff out her my In Law’s house. My Mom in Law is the last of our parents to go.

Now my Wife, Me, her Sister and our Brother in Law are the oldest in our families. Our Brother in Law and I lost our folks years ago.

It was also bitter sweet in that the two girls, and three grandkids, inherited a little bit of money.

Which we would trade to have the In Laws back.

So, it’s the night before we head 330+ back down to South Central Texas.

We’re tired. We’ve laughed. We’ve cried. We’ve loved.

And we know that money isn’t everything.

Spend time with your loved ones.

Take time for yourself.

Don’t let your job or pursuit of money get in the way of living.

Work to Live. Don’t Live for Work.

Until next time, Peace!

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About Keith

Keith, aka Shin, is a close to 60 former teacher and counselor who's blundered through the world of personal finance, learning the basics later in life than he likes. It's his mission to share as much about personal finance as possible, helping others get a handle on it, much earlier than he did.
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5 Responses to Mundane Monday, Actually a Different Monday

  1. Sarah says:

    “Spend time with your loved ones.
    Take time for yourself.
    Don’t let your job or pursuit of money get in the way of living.
    Work to Live. Don’t Live for Work.”
    These are such beautiful words. Great post.
    Hugs to you all at this difficult time.

    • Keith says:

      Thank you Sarah. I like the posts that you added. Pretty good stuff. Hope things are good in your part of the world. All the best from Texas!!

  2. Hey Keith, glad you got to have some time to spend with your family, sorry it wasn’t under better circumstances! It’s these times that remind us the importance of family and why we need to be keeping in touch more and sharing love for one another! I say this as we are on a road trip now where we are visiting lots of different family as we make our way down to Texas. I love that I have family spread out over the country and the fact that I can reach out to them to crash at their places versus a hotel as we make our way places. Gives us a chance to catch up that we otherwise wouldn’t have!

    I hope you were able to get some closure and able to tighten the bond with your other family as well!

    • Keith says:

      Hey, Steven.

      Was a bitter sweet visit. We laughed, we cried, we hugged, we loved. Awesome that Y’all are on your Family Trip. I miss those days. I’m lucky in this weekend my Son is riding down from DFW for a motorcycle rally. I’ll be heading that way this afternoon.

      Looking forward to the later part of your trip as we’ll be at FinCon! I’m so excited! I’ll bring some of our gourmet coffee’s for sure!

      Y’all have fun. Be safe!

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