Here’s the Super 7!! Seven Great Posts to Help You Get Your Finances in Order

Howdy, Money Buddies!!!

Well, I’ve been tardy in sharing the last few Fav 5 posts, so I’m shooting this post out early and . . . . . This time I’m doing The Super 7! Since I’m finding more great info out there I decided to up the ante this time. I’m thinking that I’ll probably be doing Super 7’s pretty regularly.

You can never get too much great stuff, so here we go.

The 1st Super 7!!!!


Drum Roll Please!!!

how to start investingHow to Start Investing: A Complete Guide for Beginners (Chris Muller at Dough Roller) – Here’s another great piece for Newbie investors. Selena and I have been investing for some time, and think that everybody should, but I haven’t really thought of how to help others get into the game.

Chris has done that with this well written piece. In easy to understand terms he outlines the basics that everybody needs to know before sinking hard earned cash into investments.

Check it out, and share with folks you know will benefit from it. I am, that’s for sure.


5 Great Money Habits That Will Set Your Kids Up for Financial Success (Video at Entrepreneur by Phil Town) – Okay, this one’s not a post, but actually a video. For those that prefer visual input this is an awesome option, especially since the video shares great ways to teach your kids to be financially responsible.

Man, I wish something like this had been available to my folks when I was you and for me to share with my kids when they were just learning about money.

Well, it’s better late than never. I highly recommend that you give it a viewing and then put the practices into place.


Man Work vs Money Work (Finance Yo Self via Rockstar Finance) – I’m so into this post, as I’ve done a BUNCH of Man Work over the years to make money. Now, I have more Money Work going on and it’s allowed me to not have to go to a job.

I still do Man Work, but now it’s at my own schedule and where I want to do it. Most of the time it’s at my laptop, at odd hours of the day/night.

This is a short but powerful post, which really explains the difference between the two concepts. Wish I’d learned about this as a kid.


Make Money by Taking Surveys? I Don’t Think So (Derek of Life and My Finances)- Derek’s article reaffirms what I learned in taking surveys to make some coin.

You spend a lot of time making little money. Sometimes you spend a fair amount of time just trying to qualify for surveys.

I’ve tried a few sights this year and each one pays no more than $6.00 an hour, just as Derek points out. So, what can you do to make money from home?

Check out Derek’s article for some great ideas!



How to Start Saving When You're CluelessClueless About Saving? Here are Seven Steps to Start (The Luxe Strategist via Rockstar Finance) – Saving. It’s such a simple word, but for some it’s something that is not happening, for what ever reasons.

This article points out a number of great ideas. My favorite is Automate, Automate, Automate. It’s how my wife and I got started in our late 20’s. Before then, saving did not happen.

We really could have used information like this back in those days. Sure am glad we finally figured ways to do put money away. This is another article that’s really worth sharing.

Oh, if you’re into visuals, there are some great graphs in this one.


7 Ways to Save Money on Groceries (Claudia of Two Cup House) – I had the pleasure of meeting Claudia and FinCon and she and her husband, Garrette, are a blast. Speaking of blast, this post is just what you need to blast your Grocery expenses.

My wife and I can stand to follow some of Claudia’s words of wisdom, so I’m going to pour back through this piece and see how I can slip some of these practices into place.

Actually, we’re doing some of them, but we can do better on keeping costs down.


How We Automate Our Financial Lives (Steve at Think. Save. Retire.) – I also had the pleasure to hang with Steve and his lovely wife Courtney at FinCon. Two really awesome folks who withstood my sometimes outlandish humor.

Anyway, not only is Steve a patient person, he also retired at 35 and he and Courtney now travel the USA pulling an AirStream trailer behind them. How were they able to pull this off?

Well, Steve shares some awesome ideas that he and Courtney have put in place. I’m proud to say that Selena and I have done a number of them also.

This is another post that’s worth sharing, that’s why it made it to the 1st Super 7. Enjoy!


There you have them, 7 awesome blog posts just packed full of financial wisdom. If you put even a few of these ideas into play then you and your kids will be Financial Rockstars. Sorry, J. Money, I had to use that one.

So, tell me what you think about any of these. It would be great to hear your feedback.

As for the Super 7, what’s your thoughts on that? Should I step it up to the Terrific 10?

These posts have been enthusiastically plugged by Money is not Taboo and the bloggers may fly this Icon of Honor on their blog post and/or website.

Or, they can just pretend that this never happened.

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