Enthusiastically Plugged by Money is not Taboo!

If you’ve been keeping up with Money is not Taboo, then you’ve seen the Fav 5 and now the Super 7. It’s my pleasure to share great info.

Not sure if this is worth anything to anybody, but anyone who has had a blog post plugged by Money is not Taboo, has the honor, or discrace, and can grab an “Enthusiastically Plugged by” icon and plaster it on the post and/or website.

This idea can also be completely ignored. ๐Ÿ™‚

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About Keith

Keith, aka Shin, is a close to 60 former teacher and counselor who's blundered through the world of personal finance, learning the basics later in life than he likes. It's his mission to share as much about personal finance as possible, helping others get a handle on it, much earlier than he did.
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