The Terrific Ten: 10 Great Posts to Help You With Your Finances

Howdy, Money Buddies!

Yep, it’s that time again. Time for more fabulous blogs!

This time I’m ramping up the game and offering “The Terrific 10”, which is going to be a regular from now on.

Why 10 each week? There’s TONS of great stuff out there and it’s my goal to share as much as possible.

So, no more gabbing. Here’s the FIRST Terrific 10.


How much money should I save each month? How much do I need to retire? These are common questions I receive and you will finally receive an answer! #howmuchmoneyshouldisave #howmuchmoneyshouldyousave #howmuchdoineedtoretireChange Your Life By Saving Just $1 More Each Day – How Much Should A Person Save Each Month? (Michelle of Making Sense of Cents via Twitter) – Being retired is awesome and it’s a shame that not everybody gets set up to do so, or misses out because of other causes. Selena and I were fortunate to put things into place to do so, but I haven’t put together a good “Retirement Post,” so here’s a great one to help you put things in place.

Michelle offeres awesome info, in her easy to read post. It will only take you a few minutes, but could change your life.


3 Easy Ways to Take Control of Your Financial Life Today (Jax of Project: Beach Life via Twitter) – This is an awesome post that I wish I’d have had access to in my 20’s.

Man, I’d be SO much further ahead in life if I had.

Want to get more financially fit? Then this post will help you do so.

Check it out!

Hey Rookie ~ Your Five Financial Mistakes (and how to fix them)(“Teacher” at Teacher Investor) – This is good stuff. Each of the three can really help you “Move Ahead of the Class” with your finances.

This is a short, straight to the point article that makes sense to me. Maybe it’s because I’m fa former teacher. Who knows. Any way about it, Teacher Investor is not somebody in the classroom just for the paycheck, but instead to educate.

Now, “Get to Class” and check out this post. No, there will not be a test.

10 Tips To Achieve Any Goal (Retirement Manifesto)- This post popped up at a great time, as I really can use this information. I have a number of things that I want/need to take care of them. Being a bit overwhelmed by my list (Schindler’s List, List of Things to Do “Pun inteneded”) I’ve been struggling to get things done, or even started.

Fritz shares some great ideas, and in doing so also shares his real life events to highlight his tips. Although not a short read, this post is a great one for the wealth that it contains.

Now, you might look at Fritz’ goal and laugh, but even though it’s not financially oriented, the tactics he used to meet his goal are. You’ll have to check out the post to see what I mean.

5 Ways to Teach Kids the Value of a Dollar (Ryan at Basic Money Smarts via Rockstar Finance Newly Added Blogs) – I was a kid once (My wife says I still am) and I have kids, but we’re all grown now. Unfortunately I didn’t get much $$ education from my folks so I really didn’t have much to pass on to my kids.

Fortunately, we all turned out okay, despite our parents as we’re all doing okay financially.

Ryan learned enough early on to pass on to his kids and he has some great info in this post that can help others teach their young ones about money. This isn’t Ryan’s only post on helping teach kids financial responsibility. I suggest that you check out all of his posts.

9 Ways to be Above Average (Steve at Think Save Retire via Subscription) – Perfection; It’s over rated. Actually, it’s impossible.

On the other hand, Average is definitely achievable. I know I’ve been there many times through life. Luckily I’ve been above average more than not.

Financial Nomad, Steve shares some great insight in his post, with 9 simple concepts. It’s a good read, with great info, and I’m sure that you can tell by the GIF that I stole from the post, that Steve has a good sense of humor.

His concept, Possess “Oh Shit” Money reaffirms this. Don’t take my word for it. Check out his post. I’m sure you’ll agree with me.

Happy ThresholdHow I Paid Off My $19,494 Parent Plus Loan in Less Than 2 Years (Tainted Tiara via Rockstar Finance Directory of Newly Added Blogs) – I’ve never had student loans, nor have my kids, so I’m unfamiliar with them, other than they are debt and we know what debt does.

Well, Tainted Tiara has really kicked some of her debt to the side of the road and she should be proud.

Tainted Tira shares some personal history, so anybody in the same boat shouldn’t feel alone and can possible gain some insight to help them move forward. Another good read for sure.

5 Things Wealthy People Demand of Their Investment Advisor (Keith at Wealthy Accountant via Me Hanging With Him and His Wife at FinCon) – My wife and I are working with our 4th financial advisor. We fired two, lost one to him moving out of the field, and now have a great one in our 4th.

Back in our early days, my wife and I really didn’t know what to say to our folks, or what we expected of them. We’ve learned a bunch since then. I got to hang with Keith of the Wealthy Affiliate at FinCon and we shared a LOT in common. Even if your not wealthy, you’ll get much from this post. Heck, it can probably help you become wealthy.

This one is another one worth the read.


Automate Your Debt Payoff and Saving (Kevin at Debt Free Happens) – I used to fly an airplane that I built, years ago. It wasn’t fancy and didn’t have autopilot, so I had to steer it around. That’s not been the case with our finances. YEARS ago I learned about auto-deposit, auto-payments, auto-investments and things have gone very well with our finances.

Kevin has some great ideas here, especially . . . Pay Yourself First. It worked so well for us and will work for you. Check out what Kevin has to say, you won’t be disappointed.

My 3 Guiding Principles to Saving 100000 in 2017My 3 Guiding Principles to Saving $100,000 in 2017 (Matt at Distilled Dollar) – I had the pleasure of meeting Matt and his Significant Other at FinCon, after following Distilled Dollar for a while and it was awesome.

But, that’s not why I’m highlighting his post. Nope, I’m doing it because it has merit.

Saving $100,000.00, that’s quite a feat and here’s some info on the process/plan/goal/expectation.

Whether Matt hits his goal or not, the concept is awesome. He’s laid out some great ideas, especially “Invest in Yourself.”  Why not??? Who else is going to? Nobody else is going to save $100,000.00 for you. Nope, they are not.Really, nobody has offered to do it for me. Know what, my wife and I have, and so can you, maybe not in one year.

So, check out Matt’s post and see what he has to offer to help you move forward.



That’s a Ten-Spot of great info, right? Each of these posts have the honor, or discrace, of being enthusiastically plugged by Money is not Taboo.

The authors are welcome to grab the “Plugged” icon and proudly display it on the post and/or website.


Until next time, Peace! Shin

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