The Past Year+ with Money is not Taboo: Wow What a Ride!

In The Beginning

I’ve been blogging since the end of 2015, but “Pivoted” in October of 2016. My first blog, Towards Your Better Life was too general and I found myself writing more about money than anything else, even though I’m a former school counselor. I just couldn’t get Towards Your Better Life out of “First Gear.”

With that, Money is not Taboo (MinT) came to be, in October of 2016. There is no comparision between the two when it comes to ROI. With Towards Your Better Life I didn’t acheive the same growth in the one year, nor did I connect with folks the way I have through Money is not Taboo.

With Towards Your Better Life, I never would have attended FinCon and met all the great folks that I did or see so many positive happenings.

When You Can’t Move Forward, Pivot

Pivoting was one of the best things that I ever could have done. Both for Money is not Taboo’s growth and my accomplishing what I started blogging to do, help other folks move ahead.

For a few years after retiring, I found myself missing something, or somethings. I missed helping folks, I missed sharing knowledge, and I missed being part of a “Tribe.”

As an educator, I was always part of a “Tribe.” Not after I retired. It was me, my wife, and the cat, living on 408 acres.

I found myself going places, just to be around people. I even took up a gig at a local college, counseling and teaching. Heart surgery prompted my complete retirement. After recovering, I found myself missing so much of my former life.

I had tons to do around the place, but it didn’t fulfill my “needs.” Blogging started to provide for it, but as I mentioned the first round didn’t pan out.

And So Begins the Climb

Boy, Money is not Taboo is paying off. Not financially, as I’ve had nothing but expenses, no money coming in. Oh well, I didn’t start it do make money, but instead to become a resource that folks would find useful.

I think MinT is becoming that. Well, maybe not a helpful resource, but at least something of interest and entertainment.

Anybody else notice a trend in the graphic above? I was tickled to pull this up this evening. Kind of reminds me of my Stock Market portfolio.

Although there are Ups and Downs, the trend is toward the Up side.

For me this is a “Shot in the Arm.” Thing is, though. It really doesn’t show the true “Up Side” that I’m getting from Money is not Taboo.

Treasures Found Along the Way

Nope. There’s no way that this graph shares the relationships that I’ve built over the past year. I mean really, does it show when I met J. Money, of Rockstar Finance and Budgets are Sexy, and got to hug him at FinCon?

What about my meeting Steven Goodwin of My Family on a Budget and roomed with him, sharing stories late into the nights, just as if we were at Summer camp?

How about my bumping into Paula Pant of Afford Anything at the top of an escalator at FinCon, or sharing a beer with JD Roth, of Money Boss, at a FinCon evening event?

I’ll never forget Liz of Chief Mom Officer, at FinCon, saying, “I Know That Name.” I smart ass commented back, “What, Schindler, from Schindler’s List?” “No” Liz replies, “Money is not Taboo.” Yeah, I felt like an ass.

It also doesn’t show the regular communication that I’ve had with David Carlson of Young Adult Money, or Derek Sal of Life and My Finances, over the past year.

It’s Not Just Been About Meeting People

On the other hand it does show, indirectly, what bringing other contributors on board to broaden the offerings can do. Contributors such as Rachel Slifka of My Latte Budget, Courtney LaCalamito of Your Average Dough, and Patty Moore of Working Mother Life. I’m still trying to get a guy contributor but it just hasn’t happened yet. No discrimination here, for shore!

The graph also doesn’t show the pride that I take in the website that Money is not Taboo is becoming. It’s a bit rough, but it’s showing great progress. MinT has come a LONG way since day one. The graph also doesn’t show the pride I take in the Guest Posts that I’ve had at Life and My Finances (Proof that Anyone Can Retire Early…Even a Middle School Teacher) and Your Average Dough (Why Not Retire at a Dollar Amount Instead of an Age?).

I’m hoping to have more of those. Hint, hint. 😉

Although the number in my stats aren’t large, they are larger than some, especially those that don’t have a blog. Not to brag, but it’s pretty cool to know that I’m part of an “Elite” group. Also neat to see that Money is not Taboo is still growing after a year. There are blogs that haven’t had a new post in months. Check out the Rockstar Finance directory of inactive blogs to see what I mean.

Winding Things Down

So, as 2017 draws to a close, I look back on the year, and the last bit of 2016, when Money is not Taboo came to be and the positives that come into my life.

One of my greatest moments was the time that my wife, Selena, was bragging about Money is not Taboo to our Son in Law. That’s pretty damn cool, I have to say.

I wish I could shout out everybody that I’ve interacted with and have met, but that would be a bit boring, so I’m not going to go there.

I do promise to keep plugging all the great folks and posts that I come across.

You see, Money is not Taboo is not supposed to be “Keith Schindler’s Blog.” Nope, I’m not going to be around forever. I want Money is not Taboo to grow into something that others might pick up and move forward.

We’ll see.

In Conclusion

For now, I’m going to keep looking for good stuff, good writers, improve my writing, and build Money is not Taboo to higher standards.

So, keep checking back and see how things go. At the end of 2o18 I’m going to pull the stats graph and compare it to the one above. I think the trend is going to continue.

Well, as long as I’m on the “Green Side of the Grave” it will.

Until next time, Peace! Shin

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Keith, aka Shin, is a close to 60 former teacher and counselor who’s blundered through the world of personal finance, learning the basics later in life than he likes. It’s his mission to share as much about personal finance as possible, helping others get a handle on it, much earlier than he did.

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