Job Monkey: Some Day You Should Retire and Get The Monkey Off Your Back


Not Steve.

Just the one’s we go to.

You know, 9 to 5, from 15 until . . . . …

Most everybody has had a job. Well, not the wealthy, but us folks.

My career was in education. So, no Silver Spoon there.

I’ve always had a job. From 13 on. Yard work. Then go “T0 The Place, Job.”

Did it for almost 30 years.

Worked it enough to retire at 54. Not young, not old.

Better early than late.

My Dad and Sister never did retire. Never got the monkey off their back.

Why?  I don’t know.

Retire is actually another word for Financial Independence.

When you have enough money to pay the bills every month, you can retire.

Been reading that the bulk of Americans haven’t put enough away.


I like waking up each morning, knowing that I don’t have to go to a job.

I just get up and do.

Some days are great, some aren’t.

Health dictates what I do.

At least I can decide every morning where I’m going to be.

Almost 100% it’s at home.

I kicked the Monkey to the curb a long time ago.

How about you? What’cha gonna do?

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About Keith

Keith, aka Shin, is a close to 60 former teacher and counselor who’s blundered through the world of personal finance, learning the basics later in life than he likes. It’s his mission to share as much about personal finance as possible, helping others get a handle on it, much earlier than he did.

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