About Money is not Taboo

Here’s a little about Money is not Taboo.

Howdy! I’m Keith Schindler, aka Shin.

Welcome to Money is not Taboo, a project resulting from my blundering through the world of Financial Literacy. When I was growing up my folks provided tons of love, provided well for us, and supported us in our endeavors. Unfortunately, they didn’t provide much in financial literacy. “Go to college. Get a good job. Save money.” That’s basically what we got.

My wife was in the same boat. Her folks didn’t provide her much guidance either. So, with that, we didn’t really have any game plan with our money. We stumbled around with budgets, debt, bad purchases, lack of savings, no investments, and simply living pay check to pay check.

Back in my early teaching days, I drove to work one morning,  knowing that I didn’t have enough gas to make it to work and back. I had no credit card and no money in the bank or my wallet. I was gambling on getting to work and bumming money from a teacher friend. I didn’t make it. I had to pull into a gas station on the way to work. The compassionate attendant allowed me to pump 5 gallons on the promise that I would come back and pay my debt.

I did just that. I also made the decision to get a better handle on our finances. I started to learn to manage money. It wasn’t an easy thing to do. Back then we had no internet. I couldn’t “Google” the best strategies and find resources that are available now.

Nope. We had to learn on our own. It’s been an adventure, but over the years we’ve gone from constantly broke to retired in our ’50’s.

I started teaching financial literacy in the ’90’s, kind of, sharing an investment spreadsheet that I had built. Officially I taught a section on financial literacy, at a local community college in 2013 and 2014. Heart surgery prompted my complete retirement, but I found that I still want to teach. Thus Towards Your Better Life (My original blog site), and now Money is not Taboo, were born.

I want to share financial stuff that I’m learning and what other successful folks are practicing, hoping to help others get ahead earlier than I did.

So, let the games begin. Let’s have fun.  But, most of all Money is not Taboo, so Let’s Talk Financial Literacy. It’s important. If we’re not going to do it, who is?

Until next time, Peace!


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