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Learn the whys and hows in starting a blog.Blogging. Web Logging.

A few years ago I never even thought of blogging but I had been posting on various subjects on Facebook, most in support of others and in helping myself grow.

Most of my career I was a teacher and a school counselor, so I’ve still wanted to teach and help others. With that,  I set up my first blog, Towards Your Better Life and started writing about all kinds of subjects.

I’ve always had an interest in money, making money, investing money, etc. and I found myself writing more about money than any other subject, so Money is not Taboo came to be.

My folks didn’t talk about money, nor did they teach me much. My wife and I had to learn on our own. I figured that I’d start writing, in hopes of reaching out to others.

It’s been an interesting ride, especially now that Money is not Taboo has two additional contributors, Rachel Slifka and Courtney LaCalamito, who definitely bring not only a woman’s point of view but also a younger person’s point of view.

I think that they’ll definitely add to Money is not Taboo.

So, if you’re interested in blogging, you’ll find some good stuff here. Stay tuned, as there will more to come.


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