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How to Not Go Broke at Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I absolutely LOVE the holiday season! It’s filled with so many good things, like family time, holiday décor, hot cocoa, candy canes, happiness, Christmas music, and presents. While I enjoy gift-giving, I … Continue reading

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4 Budgeting Tools You Need to Check Out

Do you have a budget? If not, you should get on it ASAP. I refused to budget for the longest time until my husband and I got engaged and I started with a wedding budget. This was my gateway to … Continue reading

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How Much Are Your Bad Habits Costing You?

We all are guilty of having a bad habit or two. But what do our bad habits actually cost us? The true cost of bad habits might be surprising. What we might consider as periodic treats can put a big … Continue reading

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Are You Remembering to Budget for These 8 Things?

If you budget, you are probably an expert at tracking your usual expenses in a month. But how many months does an unexpected situation arise, resulting in a bill you forgot to budget for? While we can’t predict every expense that … Continue reading

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5 Common Bills That You May Be Able To Cut

There are certain expenses that we have just accepted are “necessary.” These are things like telephone bills, cable, electricity, oil or gas, mortgage or rent, taxes, gym membership, insurance and so on. What if I told you some of these … Continue reading

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