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Use Cost-Benefit Analysis for All Your Decisions

When people discuss budgeting and saving money you mainly hear about all the things people cut back on. Obviously cutting back is extremely important when it comes to saving more money, but another thing to make sure you factor in … Continue reading

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How to Resist the Temptation of Spending Money: 4 Great Tips

While some of us are natural-born savers, a survey conducted by NerdWallet concluded that 41% of Americans who have ever had credit card debt attributed that debt to spending more than they could afford on unnecessary purchases. This is crazy … Continue reading

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Should You Lease or Finance Your New Car?

To lease or not to lease… that is the question. You can find some of the best deals on cars at the end of the year or beginning of the year. When going to look for new cars, however, there … Continue reading

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5 Tips for Improving Your Money Habits

Posts Some people are natural-born savers, while others are natural-born spenders. If you fall into the latter category, it will most likely require more effort for you to develop good financial habits, like building your savings. Not to worry, though! … Continue reading

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How Much Are Your Bad Habits Costing You?

We all are guilty of having a bad habit or two. But what do our bad habits actually cost us? The true cost of bad habits might be surprising. What we might consider as periodic treats can put a big … Continue reading

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