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Recast, Refi, or Modify: 3 Options for Adjusting Your Mortgage

Like so many folks, my wife and I wanted our dream home. It was going to be our last, so we wanted it to be laid out a certain way. We were going to build on family land and spend … Continue reading

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Two (or 3) Reasons for Refinancing Our Mortgage

As I’ve said in the past, Money is not Taboo has come to be because of my blundering through the learning process about financial literacy. I had very little guidance from my parents. Heck, I had very little, if any, … Continue reading

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How to Invest in Real Estate Without a Ton of Money

“Shin,” of Money is not Taboo For years I’ve heard that real estate investments are an awesome way to diversify one’s portfolio and provide for passive income. Of course, through most of that time, I hadn’t personally experienced the benefits. … Continue reading

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