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7 Date Ideas That You Can Do for Free

Summer time seems to free up more time. The sun stays out longer, many jobs offer up summer hours, things tend to slow down for many people and I think the nicer weather just makes people want to do more. … Continue reading

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5 Common Bills That You May Be Able To Cut

There are certain expenses that we have just accepted are “necessary.” These are things like telephone bills, cable, electricity, oil or gas, mortgage or rent, taxes, gym membership, insurance and so on. What if I told you some of these … Continue reading

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9 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

As someone who just finished planning a large wedding on a budget, I can tell you it isn’t easy! Depending on where you live, the average cost of a wedding is upwards of $30,000. My then-fiance (now husband) and I … Continue reading

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14%+ Sales Tax? I Don’t Think So! I Saved Almost $50 With a Phone Call

“Shin,” of Money is not Taboo So. I had to put the tractor in the shop to get the hydraulics fixed. I knew it was going to cost a bit of coin, but I was sure surprised when I looked … Continue reading

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How to Set and Achieve Your Savings Goals in the New Year

It’s my Pleasure to welcome Rachel Foxwell, the newest writer for Money is not Taboo. You may already know of Rachel from her own blog, The Latte Budget, as well as her writing for David Carlson’s Young Adult Money. If … Continue reading

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