Credit and Debt

So, you’ve maybe been lead to believe that the world runs on credit and everyone has debt. Well.  . . . it doesn’t have to be that way.

Okay, I’m guilty, I’ve used credit and have had debt. In fact, I have debt right now, but NOT like I used to.

We’ll be sharing more about credit and debt. Check back in a bit for some good info.

Compounding Interest: Good vs Bad: Get the skinny on how compounding interest affects credit debt and investment growth.

Eliminate credit card interest fees. Debitize your credit card and it’s paid off every month.

Noteworthy – Debt is an issue for many folks, and Money is not Taboo has featured some articles to help folks deal with debt. Two of the best are How to Refinance Student Debt, and When You Shouldn’t by Patty Moore and Have a Low Income? You Can Still Get Out of Debt by Rachel Foxwell Slifka.

One of the articles prompted a “Reach Out” by another website named Reviews.Com, sharing a post on The Best Debt Consolidation Loans. Sometimes this is an option that might help folks out. Having never used a debt consolidation loan I can’t vouch for the effectiveness, but I figured that this is something worth sharing.

With that in mind, I only offer this information as a resource to be explored. I do not endorse any of the loans shared in the article.

Keith “Shin” Schindler

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