Insurance. Don’t you love the word? Yeah, me too.

Insurance is like betting on a horse that you hope never wins. Yeppers, I hope I never have my insurance pay out.

Thing is, though, it has. My auto insurance has paid out, and my medical insurance has paid out. As of this post, my life insurance hasn’t paid out, at least I don’t think so since I’m sitting here typing.

Really, the truth about insurance, you’re paying for a policy that will move the debt responsibility from your shoulders to somebody else’s.

Think about it. In 2006 a lady pulled out in front of my motorcycle causing us to go down, shattering my ankle. Her insurance policy paid out $25k for my injury. My expenses were more than $25k, but hey, it was better than nothing.

The lady that caused my wreck? The $25k expense burden was not on her shoulders. Nope, it was born by her insurance company. That’s the way it works.

In the long run, a person needs 3 types of insurance, Auto (Mandated by most, if not all, states), Medical (Which is now mandated by our government), and Death (Also known as Life Insurance, but it pays upon death, so let’s call it what it is.)

In the not too distant future, we’ll have more info and resources in regards to the big 3 above.


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