Saving vs Investing: Putting Money Away and Putting Money to Work for You

Awesome articles to help you save and invest.I was taught early to save money. In fact, that’s all I was taught. I learned about investing in my adult years, and there’s a TON of difference.

So, what’s the difference between saving and investing?

Saving is simply putting money away, say under your mattress, in a jar, a piggy bank, a checking account, a savings account, or even a money market account.

The mattress, jar, and piggy bank aren’t going to earn any interest. Heck, the checking, savings, and money market accounts aren’t going to earn much either.

Basically, those strategies are just for storing money.

Investing is putting money away with the intent that it will earn money. Real Estate is one avenue. Buy a property and when it’s paid off it will earn money. Hopefully, its value will also grow and selling it will bring a profit.

The stock market is another avenue for investing. Despite its ups and downs, it’s historically returned profits.

Investment avenues are designed to allow your money to make money. Cool, huh?

There’s a bunch of great info on saving and investing. Let’s explore some.


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